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Welcome to my home page. Now put me to work!

    Much appreciate you visiting this, my first bona fide Web page, designed and maintained by my lonesome (with the invaluable assist of Webmaster Randolph Hoppe (thanks, Rand!).

    Natch, I'll be using this cyber space to solicit freelance work (and possibly a full-time job if the offer is right), as well as promote my varied and eclectic side projects, including my award-winning magazine, Comic Book Artist, the forthcoming tome Swampmen, my brother and my full-length feature film documentary (more below), and tons of other stuff. Please click around and explore!

    The right composition, obviously a pastiche of the Beatles' album cover for Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band, was originally produced as a family Christmas card. Click for larger view. For a key to all the characters featured, click here.

All I Need Is Work
"Will Eisner: Portrait of Sequential Artist"
Will Eisner: Portrait of a Sequential Artist poster

    This 96-minute feature film documentary, chronicling one of the seminal creators in the history of comic books, has been a labor of love for my brother Andrew D. Cooke (the director) and myself (producer and writer) since we first started production in 2002. Our movie debuted at the Tribeca Film Festival and we're currently in negotiations to secure a distributor.

    Called by Jeffrey Lyons, of NBC's Reel Talk, "Fascinating... A valuable record of this unique
form of American art, and the iconic characters it spawned," Will Eisner: Portrait of a Sequential Artist is the story of the life and career of a man who was a stupendous influence on comics, whether as one of the mid-wives when the form was created in the mid-1930s, or as the innovator who produced graphic novels (a term he invented and produced the first so-called effort, A Contract with God) up until his death in 2005.

    The film includes interviews with Eisner, Kurt Vonnegut, Frank Miller, Jules Feiffer, Michael Chabon, Gil Kane, Jack Kirby, Harvey Kurtzman, Denis Kitchen, and many, many others.

    (On related note, Eisner's most revered creation, The Spirit, is being adapted as a major motion picture, directed by Frank Miller (Sin City, 300) and starring Samuel Jackson and Eva Mendes, to be released on Christmas Day. Go to the movie Web site at www.mycityscreams.com for more info on this upcoming Lionsgate release.)

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   Yep, I’ve finally hunkered down to learn Web design, first by completing Fred Spencer’s Dreamweaver class at RISD Continuing Ed (where I also teach, by the way).





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#7 is

(for real!)

   Peter Bagge and Weirdo
magazine are thoroughly celebrated in the latest ish, due in early 2009!

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Dark Horse taps me to scribe the intro to the long-awaited Creepy Archives, Vol. 1.
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